Location: Boston, MA

Professional Experience
Exhibitions, Awards, Newspapers, Magazines and Books
Design Portfolio

Professional Experience:

Professional Artist and Connoisseur, 2007 – Present

  • Specialize in the Chinese art with a focus on the Tang, Song, Ming and Qing dynasties; Manage projects associated with large-scale artistic creations related to historical topics; Partner with businesses to plan and build Art and Culture Theme Parks; Art education for adults and children

Professional Artist, National Palace Museum, Beijing, China, 1974 – 2007

  • Worked at the Master Studio (8 available seats chosen among thousands of applicants). Promoted to studio Assistant Manager in 1978
  • Specialized in reproduction and restoration of ancient Chinese art ranging from the Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties (see a list of references below); Studied art education, art history and the connoisseurship
  • Restored paintings on the exterior (materials such as gold, jade, precious stones) of ancient clocks and watches at the Clock and Watch Museum
  • Studied directly under the top five masters (Jin Zhongyu, Chen Linzhai, Feng Zhonglian, Zheng Zhuyou, and Jin Yuming)
  • Mentored students and interns from China’s top art institutions
  • Conducted teaching seminars and workshops opened exclusively to experts at the Master Studio

Exhibitions, Awards, Newspapers, Magazines and Books

  • Artworks presented at the Art Reproduction Exhibition at the National Palace Museum, Jun through Nov 2012
  • Personal art exhibition presented at “The Chinese Cultural Art Exhibition”. Granada University, Spain, 1988
  • Artworks presented at “The Chinese Cultural Art Exhibition”. Singapore, 1988
  • Artworks presented at “The Qin Emperor’s 60-year Anniversary” art exhibition. Thailand, 1987
  • Awarded one of the “20 Most Talented People of China”
  • Presenter at the 4th World Women Conference on “The Glamour of Asian Women in Chinese Arts”
  • Appraisal from Zhou Ruchang (周汝昌), the most recognized classical literature researcher, poet for the Dreams of the Red Chamber, China Daily, 1985
  • Appraisal from Wang Meng (王蒙), Minister of the China Department of Culture,  at the Dreams of the Red Chamber Expo, China
  • Featured in the Glamour of the Eastern Women Magazine (东方女性风采)
  • Featured in The Footsteps of the 20 Most Successful People in China (成功者的足迹)
  •  “The Unusual 10 Years” (十年辛苦不寻常) by Zhou Cezong (周策纵), The New Evening News, China (新晚报)
  • “Li spent 5 years completing the ‘The Flower Gods’” (太虚幻境图), Xin Ming Daily, China (新明日报)
  • Guang Ming Daily (光明日报)
  • “From The Flower Gods to the Dreams of the Red Chamber” by Zhou Ruchang, China (“从百花神到红楼梦四百人物全赏”,周汝昌评论)
  • Featured in The Best of Chinese Culture and Arts, China (中国文化之最)
  • Featured in China News (中国新闻,中国新闻社)
  • Featured Granada News, Spain (西班牙各那拉大地区新闻)
  • Featured in Guangxi Daily Newspaper, China (广西日报)
  • Featured in Worker’s Daily Newspaper, China (工人日报)
  • Featured in The Weekly Newspaper, Taiwan (周报)
  • Featured in Life Consultation Newspaper, China (生活参谋报)
  • Featured in Star Daily, Singapore

Design Portfolio

  • Dreams of the Red Chamber – 红楼梦人物 (1975 – 1985)

“This collection demonstrates 413 characters from the Dreams of the Red Chamber, one of China’s Four Great Classical Novels. Li is also known as the first person who ever completed this collection of artworks.  Li appeared many times on the radio and on television, as well as in magazine and newspaper articles. She was named one of the “20 Most Talented People of China” (成功的足迹). The Beijing Radio Station also produced a special program dedicated to Li’s outstanding artistic talent. Zhou Cezong (周策纵), Dreams of the Red Chamber Association chairman and critic, tenured professor in the Department of Asian Studies at the UWM, wrote an article for Li titled “The Unusual 10 Years” (十年辛苦不寻常). Recognized by the State, Li decided to donate the entire collection of “The Dream of Red Chamber” paintings to the Grand View Garden (大观园) in Beijing. This collection of artworks attract visitors from around the world every day.”

  • The Flower Gods – 红楼梦百花神/太虚幻境图 (1975 – 1985)

“The Flower Gods was completed at the same time as the Dreams of Red Chamber collection. It is 12 meters long (39 feet) and recognized by some of the most well-known art critics in China including: Fan Zeng (范增), Dong Shouping (董寿平), Zhou Ruchang (周汝昌).  Li was also introduced to Pu Jie (the last emperor Pu Yi’s brother) who wrote a letter to praise Li’s accomplishment and dedication.”

  • Character, Floral and Landscape Designs (1985 – present)

“Li spent the past 30 years designing various paintings for individual clients and enterprise corporations in China and around the world. Guanyin and Buddhists designs are among the most popular and requested artworks by Li. These designs at various scales are displayed at museums, luxurious hotels, restaurants and offices. Li has also given many of her paintings as gifts to educational institutions.”


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