Art Reproduction References

Ms. Li single-handedly completed 11 reproductions of following paintings while working at National Palace Museum of Beijing, China (certified museum instead-displays). The remaining works were reproduced and collected by top auction houses around China.

Zhan Guo Dynasty (战国)
Han Dynasty (汉朝)
Sui Dynasty (隋朝)
Dong Jin Dynasty (东晋)
Tang Dynasty(唐朝)
Song Dynasty(宋朝)
Ming Dynasty(明朝)
Yuan Dynasty(元朝)
Qing Dynasty(清朝)
Modern Art(近代)

  • Zhan Guo Dynasty (战国):
    • 无名氏 (Anonymous)
      • Emperor Riding the Dragon(御龙帛画)

  • Han Dynasty (汉朝):
    • 无名氏 (Anonymous)
      • Chang Sha Ma Wang Dui(长沙马王堆帛画)
      • Qiu Ci Mural(龟兹壁画 )

  • Sui Dynasty (隋朝):
    • 展子虔 (Zhan Ziqian)
      • Spring Excursion (游春图)

  • Dong Jin Dynasty (东晋):
    • 顾恺之 (Gu Kaizhi)
      • Luo Shen Fu (洛神赋)
    • Housewife (列女传)

  • Tang Dynasty(唐朝):
    • 顾宏中 (Gu Hongzhong)
      • Night of Revelry at Huan Xizai’s House (韩熙载夜宴)
    • 周文矩 (Zhou Wenju)
      • Scholars of the Glazed Pavilion (琉璃堂人物图)
      • Literary Gathering (文苑图)
      • In the Place (宫乐图)
      • Playing Chess Behind Double Screens (重屏会棋图)
    • 黄筌(Huang Huan)
      • Study of Birds and Other Creatures (写生珍禽图)
      • Flower and Butterfly(海棠夹蝶)
    • 韩幌 (Han Huang)
      • Five Oxen (五牛图)
    • 孙位 (Sui Wei)
      • Seven Sages (高逸图)
    • 韩干 (Han Gan)
      • Walking a Horse (御马图)
      • Illumining the Night (招夜白图卷)
    • 周肪 (Zhou Fang)
      • Ladies Wearing Flowers in Their Hair (簪花仕女图)
      • Ladies Lounging the Summer Away (调琴啜茗图)
    • 张萱 (Zhang Xuan)
      • Ladies Preparing Newly Woven Silk (捣练图)
      • Lady of Guo State on a Spring Outing (虢国夫人游春图)
    • 卢楞迦 (Lu Lengjia)
      • Album of Siz Aryas (六尊者)
    • 阎立本 (Yan Liben)
      • Ancient Emperors (历代帝王图)
    • 无名氏(Anonymous)
      • Pandaravasini (白衣观音)
      • Fu Xi and Nu Wa (伏羲和女娲)
      • Horse Grazing (万马图)
      • Dunhuang Frescoes(敦煌壁画)

  • Song Dynasty (宋朝):
    • 张择端 (Zhang Zeduan)
      • Along the River During the Qingming Festival (清明上和图)
    • 王矩正(Wang Juzheng)
      • Spinning Wheel Diagram (纺车图)
    • 宋徽宗 (Song Huizong)
      • Hibiscus Golden Pheasant (芙蓉锦鸡)
      • Blessings of Permission Trees (伯柿如意)
    • 李公麟 (Li Gonglin)
      • Vimalakirti’s Teaching (维摩演教)
      • The Riding Diagram (人骑图)
      • The Nine Songs (九歌图)
    • 陈容 (Chen Rong)
      • The Dragon (龙图)
      • Nine Dragons (九龙图)
    • 王希孟 (Wang Ximeng)
      • Magnificent Mountain and River (千里江山)
    • 所松 (Suo Song)
      • The Magical Dragon (神龙图)
    • 梁楷 (Liang Kai)
      • The Pocket He-Shang (布袋和尚)
    •  李唐(Li Tang)
      • The Plucking Figures (采薇图)
    • 无名氏 (Anonymous)
      • Ten Thousand-Mile Mountain and River (万里江山)
      • Goya Guqin (伯牙鼓琴)
      • Eighty-Seven Gods (八十七神仙卷)
      • 500 Rohan (500罗汉)
      • The Daicheng Bird standing on Bamboo (幽黄戴胜)
      • 宋人册页多张

  • Ming Dynasty (明朝):
    • 周臣 (Zhou Chen)
      • Riding in the Spring (春山游骑图)
    • 唐寅(Tang Yan)
      • The Four Beauties (四美图)
    • 徐渭(Xu Wei)
      • Flowers and Birds (大写意花鸟图)
    • 陈洪绶(Chen Hongshou)
      • The People (人物图)
      • Lotus Yuanyang(荷花鸳鸯图)
    • 无名氏 (Anonymous)
      • Fahai Temple Mural (法海寺壁画)

  • Yuan Dynasty (元朝):
    • 赵孟赋 (Zhao Mengfu)
      • Horse Shower Diagram(浴马图)
      • The Riding Diagram(人骑图)
    •  任仁发(Ren Renfa)
      • Two Horses(二马图)
      • The Departure(出圉图)
    • 无名氏(Anonymous)
      • The Eternity Mural(永乐宫壁画)
      • The Female God(女仙图)

  • Qing Dynasty (清朝):
    • 郎士宁 (Lang Shining)
      • Emperor’s Horse-riding (乾隆皇帝骑马图)
      • The Concubine Makeup Diagram (香妃戎装图)
      • The Concubine Funeral Diagram(香妃葬花图)
    • 任伯年 (Ren Bonian)
      • Huan Shen Figures (黄慎人物)
      • Cold Pum (冷梅)
      • The Ladies (仕女图)
    • 无名氏 (Anonymous)
      • Myriad Return to One (万法归一)
      • The War (战图)
      • The Ten Beauties(十美图)

  • Modern Art (近代):
    • Li helped restore and reproduce paintings from some of the best-known artists of modern times including: Zhang Daqian (张大千), Xu Beihong (徐悲鸿), Fan Zeng (范增), Song Wenzhi (宋文志), Wang Xuetao (王雪涛), Guan Ming (关明), Qian Songyan (钱松岩) and Fu  Baoshi (傅抱石).

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