Xiang Li’s new book is here!

We are finally able to self-publish a first art book for Xiang Li / 李湘 called Chinese Empress (Series 1), featuring 56 pages of beautifully designed empresses through 2117 years of Chinese history (Han Dynasty to Qing Dynasty), curated and designed by Ms. Li between 2013-2015. She expects to finish the project with 120 designs in five years (3 more years to go!).

Due to popular demand and the fact that these paintings are not for sale (they will be displayed at a museum in China, more details to come), we decided to publish a book together in English and in Chinese. The link below previews all pages in high res with the optional to buy (magazine size, 8×10). Drop us a note, and let us know what you think!

This is a mother-daughter collaboration to further extend our learning through history. Techniques used in creating these artworks are possessed by only a few artists. Ms. Li feels obligated to leave something unique and beautiful to future generations.


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